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How an automobile AGRICULTURAL Alternator works

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How an automobile AGRICULTURAL Alternator works

Automobile AGRICULTURAL Alternator is the main component of automobile power supply. It is responsible for supplying power to the parts and charging the battery during the running of the automobile. Automobile agricultural alternator can be divided into dc generator and AC generator. As the ALTERNator is superior to the DC generator in many respects, the DC generator has been obsolete. At present, all cars use alternators.

Automobile AGRICULTURAL Alternator Basic principle

The car automobile AGRICULTURAL Alternator is also based on electromagnetic induction. When magnetic flux is cut off by a conductor moving in a magnetic field, an induced electromotive force is generated inside the conductor. An electromotive force can be generated in a conductor if the magnetic flux and the conductor manage to produce cutting motion relative to each other. This phenomenon is called electromagnetic induction.

The basic principle of an automobile AGRICULTURAL Alternator is the electromotive force generated by electromagnetic induction, which generates electrical energy (voltage and current). Although a single conductor moving in a magnetic field can produce an electromotive force, the electromotive force is small. If two conductors are connected end to end, a secondary electromotive force will be produced, which will result in twice the electromotive force. 

When a conductor in the form of a coil rotates in a magnetic field, a large electromotive force is generated, generating voltage and current. According to this principle, a generator rotates coils in a magnetic field to generate electricity. The current produced is alternating current, and its magnitude and direction are different.

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